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Have you been arrested for driving under the influence (OVI)?

The Cincinnati DUI lawyers at Riddell Law LLC practice DUI defense in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Our lawyers can build the strong defense that your case needs, no matter what type of DUI case you are facing.

Our experienced Cincinnati DUI attorneys at Riddell Law LLC represent clients in all types of DUI cases, including those that involve:

  • First Offense OVI
  • Second Offense OVI
  • Breath & Blood Tests
  • BMV Hearings
  • OVI Penalties
  • Driver’s License Restoration
  • Field Sobriety Tests
  • Leaving the Scene
  • Out-of-State OVI
  • Sealing & Expungement


[list style=”list-img4″] You have the right to refuse any breathalyzer, urine or blood tests requested.  However, if you refuse, there are some potential increased penalties. [/list]

[list style=”list-img4″] Under Ohio law, if you are convicted of a first offense OVI and you refused the test or tests, the BMV will automatically suspend your license for one year (called an “ALS” suspension).  The first 30 days of that suspension is a “hard” suspension, which means you generally cannot get driving privileges during that time.  After those first 30 days, however, you may be eligible for get driving privileges for work or school. [/list]

[list style=”list-img4″] If you refuse a test and you have been convicted of one ore more OVIs in the past or have refused a breathalyzer or blood test before, you could face harsher — even doubled — penalties. [/list]

[list style=”list-img4″] If you refuse or you take and fail a breathalyzer or blood test, you have 30 days to request an appeal hearing.  At that hearing, your attorney has the opportunity to challenge whether the proper legal procedures were followed in administering the tests.  If you don’t request this hearing within 30 days, you cannot stop your license from being automatically suspended by the BMV.[/list]

[list style=”list-img4″] If you refuse to take a breathalyzer, it is often more difficult for the prosecutor to prove his or her case.  Having chemical evidence of your blood alcohol level makes it much easier for the prosecutor to prove that you were in fact impaired.[/list]

[list style=”list-img4″] If you blow a .08 or more, you are considered to be impaired under Ohio law. [/list]

[list style=”list-img4″] If you are under 21, and you blow .02 or higher, you can be charged with a special, zero tolerance OVI called a OVUAC (operating a vehicle after underage alcohol consumption). [/list]



Douglas Riddell is an Ohio OVI attorney with extensive experience representing clients faced with OVI charges in jury trials, bench trials and motion hearings.  As an experienced Cincinnati DUI attorney, Mr. Riddell represents clients facing drunk driving charges throughout the Cincinnati area, including:

[list style=”list-img3″]  Hamilton County (Cincinnati) [/list]

[list style=”list-img3″]  Mayor’s Courts Around Cincinnati [/list] 

[list style=”list-img3″]  Anderson [/list]

[list style=”list-img3″]  Deerfield Township [/list]

[list style=”list-img3″]  Lebanon (Warren County) [/list]

[list style=”list-img3″]  Mason [/list]

[list style=”list-img3″]  Sharonville [/list]


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Our attorney team includes Douglas Riddell and Bridget Purdue Riddell, both of whom have been selected for inclusion in the list of Ohio Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠.   Mr. Riddell is also AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®. We offer a free case evaluation, so you have nothing to lose by speaking with one of our DUI attorneys today.

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