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Client Testimonials & Reviews

Reviews, testimonials and feedback we have received from our our clients.

Please remember that each case is unique and the facts and circumstances of your case may differ from those of the cases from which the client testimonials and reviews below have been drawn.

Client Testimonials

“I contacted Riddell Law when I received a ticket after getting in an accident for the first time. Doug was able to represent me throughout the process and both kept in contact with the court involved, and provided me information on the progress of the case even though the location was 30-40 miles away. It was due to his expertise and assistance that the case resulted in a favorable outcome. Thanks! “

Client Testimonials

“Mr. Riddell did an excellent job handling a speeding ticket I received. He was responsive and got me into a diversion program so that I received no points for the ticket. I frequently recommend friends and family in need of criminal or traffic advice to Mr. Riddell.”

Client Testimonials

“Doug handled our situation expertly with great professionalism. He is knowledgeable and we got an outstanding result.”

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